Now Accepting Applications for the New Year 2020-2021


  • Copy of your child’s birth certificate.

  • Letter from a doctor stating that your child is healthy to attend school.

  • One passport size picture and one 4x6 coloured picture for their welcome wall.

  • Copy of your child’s immunization card.

  • Completed forms given to you in your school package.

  • Signature of your child’s school contract.

  • List of all adults authorized to collect your child.

  • Email address for both parents.

  • Receipt for school fees.

  • Permission to give Panadol if your child has a fever. 

The policy for new students are that parents call to come in for an interview to hear about our program and then they are given a tour our school. They are welcome to sit in on a learning session of their choice and can even spend the day with us to get a true feel of our program.We also offer a free "Greet and Meet Day", where they can bring their child to spend the day and there is no charge.

Rainbow Land also has a unique one of a kind Open Door Policy where parents can feel free to drop by whenever they wish without making an appointment to either observe our program and hear a little about it & first hand, or spend the day with your child.

For more information call